We Are

We're a game-changing creative communications consultancy, dedicated and driven to support "king-kong" start-ups & brands, with intelligent design to move the masses.

We're Strategists of Innovative Design -

Stunning the world of marketing & design communications, our clients, and their challenges ahead.

Hold your heads, We got ya'back

Designers, Technichians and Intelligence at work. Meccanical Pen is an international firm; a group of designers, artists,
IT Tech-heads and ambassadors of business solutions. We are a trusted team that alleviates and elevates, educated innovators, a passionate advocate, a global aid helping you and similar organizations around the world.


Light + Vision

Realizing the full potential of art and design communication -- become a beacon for inspiring artistry and tech, pioneer uplifting & positive visual communication driven by intelligent design, by ushering in the best of antiquity and modernity -- hatching design institutes across the nation to drive a new era of creative development, critical thinking & work ethics, and growth for progressive implementation.